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The 1st Century of Motorcycles: Part 2: 1910-19


Alfred Angus Scott shows that a motorcycle can be more than a bicycle with an auxiliary motor. Scott was the holder of more than sixty patents. Scott-branded motorcycles were among the first to feature hick-starters, chain drives, and multi-speed gearboxes….

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As the 1970s came to an end, BMW Motorcycles faced three problems in developing its flat-twin boxer engine further: Emissions regulations being developed in the United States and the European Union meant that more control was needed over the amount…

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The de Dion-Bouton Motor Powers a Revolution Hundreds of small European workshops aspired to design and sell motorcycles. And why not? Anyone who could make a bicycle could make a motorcycle, if only they could find a small, relikable motor…

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1941 Indian Four


The 1941 Indian Four is revered as “the Duesenberg of motorcyles”. It was a four-cylinder masterpiece at a time dominated by V-twins. For much more about this spectacular motorcycle, read on…  1941 Indian Four 441 For half a century the…

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Spotlight: Military Motorcycles


MOTORCYCLES IN COMBAT ZONES??? Yep, their speed and agility can’t be beat. How were they used? Relaying a critical order, getting ammo to a machine gun, or scouting miles ahead of an advancing unit. WHEN WERE MOTORCYCLES FIRST USED IN…

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Spotlight: Sidecar Rigs


Sidecar rigs actually began in the late 1800s as bicycles with a passenger compartment attached to one side. In the teens, companies like Triumph and Harley-Davidson began producing and selling a three-wheeled sidecar motor-bike. During World War I, Western Front…

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Spotlight: Indian Motorcycle


Indian is an American brand of motorcycles originally produced from 1901 to 1953 in Springfield, Massachusetts, making it the first motorcycle manufactured in the United States. The “Indian Motocycle Co.” was originally founded as the Hendee Manufacturing Company by George…

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Spotlight: Brough Superior Motorcycles


Known as “The Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”, Brough Superior motorcycles were built from 1919 until 1940 in Nottingham, England. They were the creation of George Brough – a racer, designer, and showman. All Brough Superior motorcycles were high performance and…

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Spotlight: Vincent Motorcycles


The Vincent story really begins in World War I, when young English Royal Flying Corps pilot Howard Raymond Davis is shot down & taken prisoner by the Germans in 1917. During his internment as a POW, Davis is said to…

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