Alfred Angus Scott shows that a motorcycle can be more than a bicycle with an auxiliary motor.

Scott was the holder of more than sixty patents. Scott-branded motorcycles were among the first to feature hick-starters, chain drives, and multi-speed gearboxes.

Scott designed and patented a vertical twin two-stroke engine in 1904, and patented the familiar Scott motorcycle frame in 1908 designed to accept an engine of the type in the former patent and to achieve a low centre of gravity. The resulting motorcycle was launched in 1908 featuring a 450 cc two-stroke twin-cylinder water-cooled engine. Innovative features included a patented two-speed chain transmission in which the alternative ratios were selected by clutches operated by a rocking foot pedal and a kick start also patented.

He usually used simple two-stroke motors that were water-cooled – about 60 years before such cooling was “pioneered” by Suzuki and introduced with great fanfare on the Suzuk GT 750.

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